We’re all about precision and performance.

Since 1995, CamPro’s mission has been to manufacture high-end full copper-plated projectiles for discerning shooters and hunters that don’t want to compromise on quality. We consistently perfect our manufacturing and quality control processes so that our clients get the superior projectiles they need to develop their skills and unlock their shooting potential.

Our corporate values permeate in every bullet we manufacture.

icone excellence


Continuous improvements of every aspect of our production and investment in research and development carved an enviable reputation for CamPro as a bullet manufacturer. We are, quite simply, a cut above the rest.

icone honesty


You can always count on CamPro for straight answers on our products reliability and availability. What’s more: we’ll ensure that you’ll get the bullets you need when you need them and we never renege on the delivery deadlines promised.

icone social

Social responsibility

The entire team at CamPro is concerned about the issues facing society today. That’s why we are committed to respecting the law and citizens’ rights to adopt environmentally friendly practices throughout our organization.

A long-standing history in bullet manufacturing.

CamPro is a Canadian-based bullet manufacturer and a family owned business. Take a look at some of our major milestones that have helped us evolve into the projectile powerhouse we are today.


CamPro is founded and our first line of bullets is produced.


CamPro is acquired by MétoPlus, a surface treatment manufacturer in Canada. CamPro’s manufacturing facilities and processes are modernized to further increase the quality of all of our bullets.


A new, state-of-the-art quality control system is put in place. More R&D is performed, increasing the company’s production capacity significantly. CamPro’s bullets are used throughout by experienced shooters across Canada.


Several police forces across Canada use CamPro’s projectiles for target practice.


CamPro start producing its own lead wire for swaging, which increases our projectiles’ quality and accuracy. Always evolving, we continue to increase our production capacity.


Acquisition of a foundry to manufacture our very own alloys tailored to the needs of our clients. We start exporting our projectiles to the United States.


CamPro starts distribution outside of North America. More equipment is purchased and new calibres and models are introduced to keep up with demand.

The next few years promise to be very exciting for us. We are continuing to open up worldwide distribution of our projectiles so that shooters from all over can experience the CamPro difference.