We are not just all copper.
We’re also all green and all safe.

The entire team at CamPro is committed to both the environment and user safety. We have implemented strict, environmentally sound best practices throughout our manufacturing processes. All of our decisions are guided by how we can minimize our ecological footprint and help ensure our clients’ long-term health.



Dangerous lead fumes can result from firing lead or FMJ bullets—and wreak havoc on your health. Almost all of CamPro’s bullets are entirely encapsulated in an ultra-thick layer of copper, which provides a protective barrier against lead fumes. Here’s how it works: the copper plating must cover the entire projectile, even the bottom to avoid the barrel’s grooves slicing through the copper when you fire. This way, with CamPro, you’re safe from lead fumes.

water saving

Water savings

CamPro goes to great lengths to reduce our water consumption and use water responsibly. While water is crucial to manufacturing our projectiles, we have nevertheless invested in technologies that enable us to treat and re-use industrial wastewater. We are proud of our Zero Liquid Discharge: we have been able to substantially reduce our consumption of clean drinking water!

environmental standards

Environmental standards

While projectiles require the use of metals and many chemical products, CamPro ensures that all of its industrial equipment is properly maintained and adheres to strict usage and environmental standards. We have all the necessary authorizations and certifications required. In addition, we monitor the availability of new products, processes and equipment that we can use to take our environmental practices to the next level.



We recycle everything that we can. If we can re-use it—we do! All of CamPro’s packaging is made from recycled material. Once you are done with your projectiles, do your part and recycle whatever packaging or material you can!

energy saving

Energy savings

Our manufacturing requires a lot of energy. We seize any opportunity to reduce our energy consumption. Year after year, we invest in equipment that requires less energy, substantially reducing costs and passing these savings on to consumers. We also ensure that our entire production line uses only renewable energy. Now that’s what we call an eco‑friendly company!