Here are some frequently asked questions.

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  1. Does CamPro sell directly to individuals?
  2. What is the difference between FCP (Full Copper Plated) projectiles and FMJ (Full Metal Jacketed) projectiles?
  3. What is the thickness of the copper coating of CamPro projectiles?
  4. Are the standard FMJ loads appropriate for CamPro Projectiles?
  5. Can magnum loads be used with CamPro projectiles?
  6. Where to find reloading data for CamPro Projectiles?
  7. What are the OALs for different CamPro projectiles?
  8. What are the dimension ranges of a CamPro Projectile?
  9. Can you comment on the weight uniformity of CamPro projectiles?
  10. Can you comment on dimensional stability of CamPro projectiles?
  11. What is the diameter of CamPro 223 55 gr FMJ?
  12. What is the diameter of CamPro 9mm 147 gr projectile?
  13. What is the diameter of CamPro 45 caliber projectile?
Campro - box of 1000 projectiles