Experience CamPro quality.

How do we measure the quality of a bullet? Shooters invest a lot of time and money in their practice, and they want the results to match. With CamPro bullets, performances are never skewed or diminished. The holes left by our bullets on targets provide the most accurate reflection of your shooting ability.

In fact, a CamPro bullet will always land just where you aimed:

  • By spinning on itself (gyroscopic effect)
  • In one piece
  • In the same spot, every time

Getting a precise shot every time is easier said than done. We are well aware of that. For us, this challenge of accuracy resides in the manufacturing process. For you, it’s making the shot. A real team effort!

What’s the CamPro difference?

Thanks to our bullets' thick copper plating, barrel rifling cannot cut or tear the bullets to the lead core, which:

  • Prevents lead emissions
  • Prevents small copper particles from shedding off the bullet during its path to the target and reducing the precision of the shot
  • Protects the barrel from being ridden with lead
  • Allows the use of the maximum amount of powder recommended for your type of firearm (magnum)

The ductility of our copper bullets makes them easily deformable upon contact with a barrel wall or rifling, decreases equipment damage and minimizes barrel wear.

The quality of the bond between the copper and the lead prevents any separation of the metals upon impact with the target. As a result, the risks of ricochets and rebounds of large fragments towards the shooter are reduced to a nil.

The shape, concentricity, uniformity, and dimensional consistency provide the CamPro bullets with high-precision shots and a better grouping on targets.

Without a doubt, CamPro bullets offer a great value. They are the preferred choice of shooters who want the luxury of using a unique product in all contexts, whether in practice or in competition. For maximum performance without compromise, trust CamPro projectiles.