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Cal. 38 125gr TC FCP

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CAMPRO bullets offer one of the highest quality and value on the market. You now have the opportunity to use the same quality during competitions and while you practice.

Full metal jacket on a swaged lead core, each bullet is carefully reformed at the end of the process.

Experience an ultra-precise shot bullet after bullet.

Appropriate Calibers


Weight (grain/gram): 125 / 8.100
Sectional Density: 0.140
Cannelure: YES
Diameter (in/mm): 0.357 / 9.068
Cupper thickness (in/µm): 0.008 / 203
Quantity (box or bag): 1'000
Product sheet: Download
Load data:: Download - Cal. 357 MAGNUM
Load data:: Download - Cal. 38 SPECIAL

BT: Boat Tail

FCP: Full Copper Plated

FMJ: Full Metal Jacket

RN: Round Nose

RNFP: Round Nose Flat Point

RNHP: Round Nose Hollow Point

HBWC: Hollow Base Wad Cutter

HP: Hollow Point

SH: Shoulder

TC: Truncated Cone

TCHP: Truncated Cone Hollow Point

Difference between SH vs TC

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